Audi Remote Control

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5 thoughts on “Audi Remote Control

  1. There are many of these replacements on Ebay that are far cheaper. You can also get kits or use the cars handbook and do the wiring yourself if you are up to it.

    1. Replacements for the control unit? I can’t imagine any unit being cheaper than the $30 I payed for the remote system.

  2. I also have the same problem with my 96 model B5,I bought a B5 97 ignition with remote
    i also bought a 97 B5 control pump thinking i can program the key so it can work with remote,i tried to programme the key but doesn’t work still.I matched the wiring of old wires to the new pump but on the middle wiring harness i have 2 loose wires and brown & white> on the 97model pump-i don’t know what they are for and cannot match them.Thus the pump doesn’t work,how can i bypass this problem so the remote can work with this pump

    1. Hey Thabiso

      Don’t really know if I can help. When you say you bought a new pump, did you buy the entire central locking/security unit?


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