So… A blog =/

I’ve always been apprehensive about starting a blog, if only for the reason that I had no idea what I would write.

Well over the year I’ve needed random information. And as useful as the internet is, I’ve often not been able to find what I’m looking for. Whether it’s how to replace the battery on my watch, taking an ant infested media player apart or the need for the wiring diagram of the back of a radio from 1996, the internet does not contain all the answers.

So the goal of this blog, is to make the internet more informative. It may only be to a small group of people, heck, it may only be me, but at least I’ll feel better about posting it here and potentially helping someone else who had a similar problem to me 🙂

I also plan for this to be an update of where I am/what I’m doing, but we’ll see where this goes.